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Product Research

We implement findings from research and testing to assist your business needs for your product

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What is Product Research?

Another meaning for "Product Research" is User Experience Research or UX Research. This is when we explore, ideate, test and analyze your findings for your product. We use this data to iterate on the designs to provide the best user experience for your product. 

Can Product Research Help My Product?

Identify Usability Issues

You will want to know if your product will be usable. Will your customer be able to flow through your process or will they get frustrated and leave? Product Research can help.

Know Your Customer

Finding out what your users prefer and needing to help them through the customer journey is vital for not just knowing your customer, but conversion as well.

Development Preparation

Have your wireframes and prototypes tested and ready for development. We even assist during this phase of your project as well as with iterative testing and design.

Take A Look At Our Product Research Services

Our Product Research services assist your product by auditing and providing feedback to increase customer satisfaction and research to compete in a competitive market.

User Experience (UX) Audit

Can your customers find what they are looking for? How do they interact with your product? An audit is needed to identity issues with usability and satisfaction.

User Experience (UX) Research

We can assist you in finding the best practices for your product and identify user pain-points prior to, during and after your development phase has been implemented. 

Partnerships & Certifications

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How may we help you?

Indystructible Designs is ready to assist you with your product design needs. Be sure to reach out so we can design a solution for you!

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