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Product Design

We work with you and your team to design user friendly solutions for your product

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Why Product Design?

If you want a successful product, you need to know your users pain-points, provide a solution to create a product that is easy to use!

The Product Design Process

#1 Kick-off Collaboration

You want to know who you are working with and so do we. We will discuss your project and goals you want to obtain.

#4 User Testing

For identifying user preferences and pain-points that your user may struggle with prior to product release.

#2 Research & Discovery

Identify your users pain-points, discover and provide a solution that enhances your product design and flow.

#5 Design Iteration

We iterate on your designs based off of requirements, feedback and testing from user testing.

#3 Prototyping

Provide wireframes and high fidelity interactive prototyping to identify errors and provide a solution increased usability. 

#6 Ongoing Collaboration

We want to continue to assist you not just before and during your product design phase, but afterwards to support you.

Product Design Services

Our services are customized to assist your business in creating user friendly digital products.

Product Design

We work with your Developers, Product Partners, Business Analyst and Project Managers to design an impactful design experience for your product.

Product Research

We find areas of improvement for your product with iterative research and testing. We can then give you suggestions and feedback.

Partnerships & Certifications

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How may we help you?

Indystructible Designs is ready to assist you with your product design needs. Be sure to reach out so we can design a solution for you!

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