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How to design a post or ad: Quick tips when creating content to post.

Designing a post or ad shouldn't be a headache. Sometimes taking a very simple approach will do the trick!

When designing an ad, I ask myself, what problems are we trying to solve and who are we solving them for? That’s actually the first two questions I ask myself on every project or problem I encounter. Maybe I want users that are pet lovers to be aware of how much time they are on their devices. So let’s break it down in the following image:

The puppy is so cute! I know! However, the image has your attention right? I mean, who doesn't love a puppy? As you see above we have a few elements on the page.

Tip #1 - Think About The Color Theme

First, decide on the overall color theme you want for the design. Sometimes I let the image pull me in a certain direction and I figure out how to complement the image with the colors of my choice.

Tip #2 - Don't Forget Your Logo

Then, you can start leading with the logo or brand. I have seen some designers place it at the top of the ad and others at the bottom. How do you interpret the logo? Better yet, what would your target audience expect for the brand?

Tip #3 - Add Concise Content And A Supporting Image

Next, I will grab the audience’s attention with a captivating title followed by some content to support it. Quick note: make sure you can read the content over the image. The background or image should also support the content and vice-versa.

Tip #4 - Don't Forget Your CTA (Call To Action)

Lastly, we will conduct the Call To Action. If you want to know more, click read here.

In Summary

Once everything is tied together, you should have an effective ad that will be immersive and captivating to your audience. We can go into design principals, rules or things like that, but for now this is just something short and sweet!

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