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Case Study R-Tax & Money

Taxes and Financial Services


UX Design | Website Re-design | Responsive Design

This project was handed off from another designer. All requirements were present and the goals/expectations were concrete. Delivery of this product had a quick turnaround.

Project kick-off and planning

After meeting with the owner, goals and expectations were set for the delivery of the product design scope. This was a handoff that had a minimal amount of redesign.


Collaborated with Product Owner


Applied various research based solutions 

Demo & Iterate

Presented prototype of the soon to be completed design

Final Design

Wrapped up designs to be handed off for development

Part #1 Research

We had several checkpoints with the owner, as well as, conducted research on competitors to narrow down the target audience for the product. We were able to identify potential areas of improvement along with identifying the look/feel of the product.

Woman with Laptop_edited.jpg

Part #2 Prototyping & Testing

Prototyping was at a minimal since the design was handed off to Indystructible Designs. However, the additional features added to the customer journey were tested to ensure that the information added was intuitive and usable for users.


Part #3 Design Iteration & Delivery

With consistent collaboration with the product owner, the final version was ready to be published,

Indystructible Designs RCW Services.png
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