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Case Study Mask P234

A North America Premier Mask Manufacturing and PPE Provider

Mask P234 Logo
Screenshot of Website By Indystructible Designs

UX Design | UI Design | User Research | Website Design

Indystructible Designs was approached with designing an informational product. We implemented user research to find an intuitive approach for the design. We also approached the product with prototyping and user flows by iterating on the research/findings.

Project kick-off and planning

We collaborated with MaskP234's owner/team to speak about the objectives that was needed to understand the problem we were solving. Plus we gathered requirements for the product design deliverables.


Collaborate with team for information


Provide findings from research

Demo & Iterate

Demo prototype and iterate on design 

Final Design

Hand-off for development

Part #1 Discovery & Research

We had a collaboration session with the team to identify what problem(s) we were solving, how the brand wanted to be perceived from a users point-of-view, and implement competitor research.

Cityscape image

Part #2 Prototyping & Testing

We presented variations of different wireframes and prototypes. We tested the prototypes for usability and different tasks as well as obtained findings from the results. 


Part #3 Design Iteration & Delivery

After sorting through our findings from user testing, we iterated through the design process until we were ready for delivery of the final product.

Indystructible Designs Mask P234.png
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