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Case Study BSM Logistics

Transportation and Logistics Company

BSM Logistics Image

UX Design | Website Design | Responsive Design

The owners of BSM approached Indystructible Designs with a website design request. They wanted something simple, concise, and user friendly.

Project kick-off and planning

After meeting with the business owners and their team, we were able to gather all information needed to begin the next phase of the project.


Met with product owners for requirements


Applied findings from research

Demo & Iterate

Designed prototype for demo and testing

Final Design

Handed off for development after iterations

Part #1 Research

With it being a competitive market, we did some research on competitors and the market to know who we were designing for. This was the key to approaching a simple but impactful design.

Modern Creative Office_edited.jpg

Part #2 Prototyping & Testing

Showcasing findings and design solutions proved valuable and insightful for iterating on the next phase of the project.

UX Design Team_edited.jpg

Part #3 Design Iteration & Delivery

After a few design iterations, the owners were ready to push the designs to be published. The end product is still impactful today and we collaborate on upcoming enhancements.

Indystructible Designs BSM Logistics.png
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